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Why should I go ahead with you…?

1. Award winning services and secured platform
2. Easy steps – No travel to see your accountant
3. Fast turnaround
4. Risk free
5. HMRC enquiry support for free
6. Great value from £199 (personal tax return)
7. Expense claim and tax reduction
8. 3 step guarantee (no penalty guarantee, money back guarantee and turnaround guarantee)
9. You will find your peace


How do I pay you?

3 options for you.

• By credit or debit card using our secured platform
• By bank transfer. Simply email us for our bank details and once cleared. We will email you 100% discount code to enter into the payment screen.
• Monthly direct debit via go cardless to spread the cost for you


Do you take your fees from CIS refunds?

No. Your refund is fully yours and will be paid straight to your bank account.


What records would I need to upload to you?

You will typically need to have the following saved somewhere on your computer to push to us:

  • P60/P45
  • P11Ds
  • CIS annual statement from the contractor
  • Partnership tax return
  • Bank interest certificates
  • Dividend vouchers
  • Income and expenses from your sole trading business
  • Income and expenses from your property rental
  • Copy of your last tax return (if not done by us) and notices from HMRC (to confirm your tax reference number)
  • Any other paperwork to support items you’ve selected
  • Copy ID
  • For companies, we will require excel bank statements fully explained or access to your online accounting records, together with a copy of your last accounts or notices from HMRC and companies house.
  • Q

    Can I cancel or am I tie into a contract?

    Where you decide to pay us monthly you can cancel at anytime and we don’t believe in locking anyone one into a long-term contract. You simply stop the monthly payments. One thing to note though is that once we’ve started the work and paid licence fee, we won’t be able to refund the fees except where our refund policy above applies. So please do take extra care and get your records ready.


    Do you offer a tax rebate or refund service?

    No. There are plenty of providers who can do this better than us. We focus on what we do best. Which is: Removing the hassle of doing your tax return, avoiding penalties, defending you against HMRC and helping you find your peace.


    When does your guaranteed fast turnaround start from?

    From when we receive all the necessary information from you.


    Is this the right service for me?

    If you require face to face meetings, unlimited support and advice for a low fixed fee, or if your tax return is complex, this service will not be right for you. We can however refer you to our award winning sister company.


    What about company tax returns?

    Yes, we take care of that too. See our page on the essential services we offer for companies and the fee guide.


    What if my return is not that simple?

    If your affairs are a bit complex (share options, investment in tax efficient structures, capital gains tax, foreign income, residency or international tax issues, inheritance tax or Trust income) the service we provide may not suitable for you. Emphasis on the word MAY.

    Simply email us what you have so that we can review and advise rather than give you false promises.


    What if the taxman asks questions or investigates the return?

    That’s the beauty of our service. Our inbuilt quality control checks by a qualified accountant means we reduce the risk of this happening.

    And even if you’re selected at random for an enquiry, rest assured. Your fee includes a fighting fund so we will defend you to the first tier tribunal (if need be) at no extra cost. This will all be handled by our sister company who have a great record of defending tax payers.


    What guarantees do I have?

    If you receive a penalty because we messed up, we will refund the fee, fix the problem and give you £100 amazon voucher or donate £199 to your favourite charity.

    If we miss our turn around days, you will get the service fro free for that year and we will refund you the money.

    Of course if the penalty is because you send us the records late, you didn’t respond to us, you pay your tax late or provide us with incorrect information, then you will not be covered under our guarantee.

    We will send you reminders from April each year. Please try not to ignore us. We really want to help you find peace. As soon as you receive your P60s or other records, simply long on and send us what you have.


    How would you help me to beat the deadline and find peace?

    Our systemised, guaranteed tax return service totally removes the risk of you receiving a late filing or incorrect tax return penalty from the taxman.


    What about sending you my records December or January (15th)..?

    You see part of our core values is to help you find peace with your tax return. We don’t want to stress you by advising you of your tax bill the last minute.

    We recommend getting it all done by October or November the latest so that you can budget and have a great Christmas.

    However, if you send us the records in our busiest period (December and January), we will get it done for you quickly but additional fees will apply. Extra £49 for December and £79 for January.


    Will you still get my return done in 3 days if I send you my records on the 27th January?

    No. Our cut-off point for all personal tax returns is 15th January. This ensures that we don’t rush your job and put you at risk. Our whole philosophy is to get the return done easily, stress free and risk free for you. Getting the return done so late simply stresses everyone and doesn’t give you peace.

    For company tax returns, we need at least 1 month to do a good job.


    Can I do something about this payment on account?

    Yes. If you believe your income and tax bill will be lower next year, then you can simply apply to get this advance payment reduced.

    However, if your income turns out to be the same or more, you will pay some interest to HMRC.


    I’ve read something about payment on account. What is it?

    This only applies to personal tax returns. It’s when the taxman asks you to make advance payment towards next year’s tax bill. So if your tax bill is say £1000, HMRC want you to make that payment plus two lots 50% of the payment in January and July each year. So your pay will look like this:

    January – £1,500
    July – £500

    But rest assured. This is will be given back to you if your tax bill is low in the following year.


    Are there any other penalties?

    Late payments penalties.
    And incorrect or carelessness tax return penalties.

    Not to mention the worry, anxiety and stress of having to deal with unfriendly letters and threats from the taxman.

    That’s why we’ve included checklists and quality controls to ensure the return is accurate. And we’ve also included the HMRC enquiry protection so that you never have to deal with the taxman. Giving you complete peace of mind.


    What are the late tax return penalties?

    It starts from an initial £100 and can go upto £1,500!

    That’s why with our system, so long as you work with us, you will NEVER receive a penalty.


    What is the tax return deadline?

    For personal tax the deadline is 31 January each year.

    For company tax return, it’s 9 months after the end of your accounting year end. So if your year end is March, the deadline is December.


    What if I don’t require any checks or tax risk protection?

    We won’t be the right company for you. There are many online providers who can do it for £49 or £99 + vat. In fact we will advise you to jump onto HMRC’s site and do it all for free if all you want is for someone to simply process or present the information to HMRC.


    Does the fee include tax advice?

    No. But we do have an award winning sister company – The Tax Guys – who provide tax advice for our clients at preferential rates.


    How do you give so much at a low cost from £199 per year?

    We work on volume, we use award winning systems and technology to streamline the process and we operate mainly online. No big overheads so we’re able to pass the cost savings to you.

    Plus we don’t get involved in complicated tax returns or tax advice. See below question on “what if my return is not simple”


    How much do you charge?

    The fee for personal tax return starts from £199.

    And because everyone’s circumstance is different and our inbuilt fee calculation will confirm your exact fixed fee based on what you require. So no surprises and no high pressured sales call.

    For company’s accounts and tax return, see here.


    What does the service include?

    Our easy, fast and risk free tax return service includes:

    • Preparing your tax return quickly for you (3 days fast track service available)
    • Carrying out IS9001 quality control checks on the return
    • Corresponding with you to ensure all is correct
    • Sending the return to HMRC
    • Dealing with any queries from HMRC in connection with the return
    • Protecting you against tax risk
    • Defending you for free when you have an enquiry

    Any other services or requests outside of the above will either be referred or will incur extra fees.


    What expenses can I claim against tax?

    When you incur expenses for your business, the taxman will contribute towards the cost so long as the whole purpose of the expense was for your business. So whilst you cannot claim for some personal items, there’s actually a fair bit that you can claim. It’s important to keep proper records.

    As part of our services, we will cast our eyes over the expenses for you to ensure you’re not under or over claiming.

    But here are 13 common expenses you can claim depending on your circumstances.

    1. Use of home expenses
    2. Research and development
    3. Travel
    4. Internet
    5. Computers
    6. Hotel accommodation
    7. Telephone
    8. Training
    9. Networking event costs
    10. Website
    11. Protective clothing

    If you are an individual employee or director, there’s very little you can claim as expenses and this is normally specific trade body subscriptions.

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